3 Key Factors That Make Good Webcopy Great

1st quarter internet marketing land should be called copy-time.  Every
website out there is looking for brand new copy, from blogs to social
media posts to web copy.  Of these three important types of copy, only
one is going to represent your website day in and day out. While none
should be ignored or written off with any type of nonchalance, I
personally believe that webcopy should be the most scrutinized of the

After all, many blogs are informal.  Social posts aren't meant to serve
as your doctorate.  But web copy, this is what the people are looking at
when they get to your site.  And not only that, it's what the search
engines are looking at when they rank your site.  So, it's easy to see
why webcopy should be carefully crafted, but it's not always so simple
to see how it should be crafted.

Three Points to Keep in Mind When Creating Copy for Your Website

Here are three things that you want to keep in mind as you sit down to
write your web copy:

1.	Capture.  The first thing your copy needs to do is capture the
attention of your viewers.  If you have some bland, boring headline
followed by copy that drones on and on, you're going to bore visitors
right off your site (if not to sleep!).  Be a little provactive, a
little funny, stir it up.  The average person browses dozens of websites
each and every day, what is going to make them stay on yours?

2.	Portray. Your webcopy should be very clear in conveying your value
proposition.  Visitors need to know exactly what makes you different
from your competition. Why should they spend their money with you when
there are 50 million other sites selling the exact same product or
service?  If you can't answer this, then how can you expect your
customers to understand it?

3.	Stand Out.  People don't really have time to read everything you
write.  Even if you're the most interesting writer in the world, eating
a nice juicy steak is more interesting.  You aren't going to compete
with reality, so make your content easily accommodating in that you have
all key points standing out for quick scanning.  Headings and
subheadings are a must. Numbered and bullet lists help people get the
information they need, do what they have to do and then get on with
their life.  You aren't inviting them over for tea, you're inviting them
to learn what you have to offer them and then convincing them to take it
and leave.

Two Bonus Points!!!
 4.     Describe. Description is vital for many products and services, yet so many marketers buy into the "picture is worth a thousand words" ideaology of content creation. Pictures are amazing, yes (videos are even better), but you need the details, features and benefits of your products and services in writing. Why? If nothing else, for the search engines and to rank for keywords, but trust me, there are still people out there enjoy reading everything they can about a product before making a purchase. Remember, an informed consumer buys more. 

5.     Perfection. Finally, it's vital that your webcopy be absolutely free and clear of errors. No spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, no txt spk. You want to convey authority on your site and nothing will lose it faster than mspelling a werd or too or making grammer errors or having poor punctuashun? Overall, webcopy is to a website what a salesperson is to a brick-and-mortar location. You wouldn't hire just anybody and send them out there uninformed and unpresentable, don't do that with your webcopy.