About us

 Company Description

Super Geek Marketing is a results oriented digital marketing consulting agency that assists small to medium-sized businesses in the creation and implementation of comprehensive marketing services. Super Geek Marketing seeks to empower business owners to meet the challenges of the future through increased productivity, performance and profit in their marketing.

Traditional marketing philosophy for many years has been based on a theory researched and developed by large corporations. This theory is based on the assumption that investing large sums of money on expensive online and traditional advertising will bring in more new prospects to your business. Then, by chance, the increase in prospective customers or clients will create the desired growth to offset ever-increasing expenses.
If properly applied, this philosophy can work very well for businesses with a large advertising budget. But what about small to medium-sized businesses? The shocking failure rate of small businesses today is evidence that this marketing theory is miserably outdated, if it ever worked at all.
So why do businesses keep doing it? Well, because no one has shown them a better way from a different objective and more effective viewpoint – a viewpoint that makes every dollar you spend promoting your business traceable, accountable, measurable, and come back to you quickly and in multiples. It is a viewpoint that looks at all the many ways to grow a business and works those ways concurrently. This is the approach to marketing that Super Geek Marketing employs.

This philosophy is revolutionary in its simplicity and its approach that you simply will not find your everyday marketing or advertising company using it.

Our Team


Ianthe Hernandez
Marketing Director

Ianthe generates 5-7 BIG ideas before breakfast (very conservative estimate). Ianthe is a “serial entrepreneur” with a super-sized passion for sales & marketing, business development, and technology. She is an expert in local and digital marketing.
Her clients have 2x, 3x and 10x their business with her help. She is married with two children, and is learning to dance salsa
in her hometown of Brooklyn!


Sharifa B.
Video Editor

Sharifa is a super perfectionist. That type of mind is perfect for video editing, where everything has to be perfect for the optimal video. She is not afraid to use the latest video editing and design concepts in her work. She is a powerhouse of an editor and has an eye for video concepts. She isn’t too bad with audio either.


Soma C.
Website Developer & Designer

This guy is a website ninja. Whether you need a new site design, rebrand or new stationary and marketing materials, he is on point. Soma’s graphic skills aren’t bad either. He’ll create a custom graphic while driving (just kidding), he’s that good! Plugins,
security , SEO and themes are just a few things he has up his sleeves. He even gave us his super duper wholesale contact with a major printing company.

  • Ianthe of Super Geek Marketing has proven to be a go to person for me when it comes to all things online. She has the patience of a Saint and shares very willingly. She was very instrumental in helping strategize the launch of my book.
    - Jeff Noble
    Author, Is Church ``as is`` Really Enough?

  • My experience with Ianthe of Super Geek Marketing is that she is very organized, very knowledgeable, and very passionate about her work. She will get you results for your company. Do not hesitate about using her services.
    - Gary Parett
    Owner, Kangen Water Distributor

  • Through utilizing concepts like joint venturing, we quickly grew our practice to 70-80 patients a day, satisfied our debts and cut our advertising budget by $30,000 a year, while getting out-of town hospitals to fund most of our building.
    - Family Health Centers
    Chiropractor Center

  • Revenues up $150,000 in one year! ``I implemented just a couple of ideas from the Marketing System workshop into my business and in one year, I went from $350,000 to $500,000.
    - Howard Nelson

  • 100% increase in business from just one idea! These concepts and techniques are so unique and simple that you'll be amazed at how easy they are to grasp.
    - John Mallet
    Citibank Mortgage Banker

  • These marketing techniques and marketing systems coupled with great sales training doubled our store's average sales from $25 to $50! The concepts are sound and now we generate more sales each month through learning how to work customer base effectively. We now invite our customers to come back regularly and buy from us more often. Sales have increased from 500,000 to over $750,000 in just 12 months.
    - Duane Jones
    Owner, Cedar Creek Clothing

  • I went to Ianthe from Super Geek Marketing with some questions about marketing that we do. She was very thoughtful and very smart about marketing. Not only that, she freely shared her insights and thoughts about the questions I asked that other people would charge for! I recommend using any of their services! Top Notch! Professional! Knows What They Are Doing and
    very Generous! Thanks!
    - Chad Rosen
    Travel Agent

  • It's rare for me to give 5 stars to anyone but SGM pretty much is ``as good as it gets``. Our relationship started with a simple phone call that was professionally answered, a prompt appointment set up and finally a team being assigned to my project that couldn't be better and more professional. All of the i's were dotted and the t's crossed. If ever any issues came about they were taken care of immediately. The people at Super Geek Marketing care about you, your dreams and your business.
    - Betty Cox
    Executive Sales Associate